Octo.exe 5.2.7 suddenly enforcing Case sensitivity in environments?

(Rachel Ambler) #1

A release we did two days ago to an environment in Octopus from Azure DevOps Services using the name SQL.ServerName.test that ran fine. That was using Octo.exe 5.2.6. Today it failed - and in the log I see that Azure’s now running Octo.exe v5.2.7.

The environment on Octopus is SQL.ServerName.Test (upper case T on the domain suffix).

Changing the environment in Azure to match the case exactly fixed the issue.

Thinking such breaking changes should NOT be enforced without warning!

(John Simons) #3

Hi Rachel,

Yes, this is a bug unfortunately, I have created an issue that you can track.
It won’t take long to get a patch out for this bug.


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