NugetPackages not getting pushed to target environment

When calling Octo.exe the nuget package is not being pushed to my target environment,

Usually I would expect these files to get dropped here…

But nothing happens, what’s weird is that the release runs successfully (no errors at all), but there are no changes at all. and my changes html looks like this (Im using RedGate tools)
Generated on 19/Mar/2018 19:39 by Redgate DLM Automation v2.0.27.649
This script is empty because the Target and Source schemas are equivalent after applying the filter in scripts folder ‘C:\Octopus\Applications\deploy-projectname\0.3.099\DatabasePackage\db\state’.

And the specified path in C:\Octopus\Applications\deploy-projectname\0.3.099 does not even exist.

This has been working successfully for almost two months so I wonder if there is something similar that you have seen.

Hi Saul,

Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear you are having difficulty.

So I can help further, can you provide me with the commands that you are running that result in no deployment?
Are you able to verify, via the web portal, what package versions were included in the deployment? It could be that the new packages have a different version that is not being picked up in the deployment, but the old version (0.3.099) is, possibly due to prerelease tags on the packages.

If the old package is missing from the directories, it may have been cleaned up by a retention policy.


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