Nuget Server consuming high CPU


I have 3 Nuget.server feeds hosted on IIS on the same server as the Octopus Server. Whenever Octopus (v2.4.7.85) tries to render the Release page it maxes out the CPU (the IIS worker processes from Nuget are the main offenders, but OctopusServer is up there too) and takes up to a minute to display the page. I looked into the internal Nuget server built into Octopus but that only supports one feed so isn’t much use to me. I make sure the number of packages is as small as possible, regularly just the last release and still I’m getting problems. I’m running Octopus server on Win2008R2 on vmware with 8GB and 4 vCPUs.

Is anyone else having these kind of problems? Anyone have any ideas on what might help me?

Thanks, Nick

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your post!

NuGet.server is not designed for performance. On startup it reads and creates hashes of all packages in its system, so 3x that amount would really cause issues.
Our suggestion would be to change to NuGet.Lucene as found in the following link:

Let me know if this is possible and how you get on.

Hope that helps!