NuGet package Release Notes

I am currently using the command line tool to create releases and passing it my release notes from a text file.

I have just found that I can also use OctoPack to point to my release notes text file too, so that my NuGet package will have the ‘releaseNotes’ node filled in. If I switch to this method, do I need to still pass my release notes to the command line tool or do the notes from the NuGet package automatically get added? Also, what if an Octopus application is deploying two NuGet packages, do the release notes from both packages get combined?


Thanks for getting in touch! Due to the fact you can have multiple packages in a release, the package release notes are shown differently in the interface and not available via variable for your deployment.
So while it is fine for you to use them, you just need to take the above into consideration!

Hope that helps!