Nuget Octopus.client Version 3.5.1, Is it compatible with Octopus Server 3.4.7?

I assumed the Octopus client nuget version is supposed to match the Octopus Server and is following semantic versioning rules . The version On Friday September 9th, The Octopus client nuget feed, published version 3.5.0.

Is there a breaking change in the Octopus client to facilitate a feature version increment? I cannot find any notes to indicate such a change.

I am going to assume this is a publishing bot error and version 3.5.1 is really 3.4.7.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out! Recently we’ve decoupled Octopus.Client from Octopus. Prior to this change, versions would increment together, even if no changes were made to Octopus.Client. The split we’ve done allows us to not have to increment the version of Octopus.Client until a change has actually been made.

Not to worry, we’ve incremented the minor version because there is a change, but not a breaking change. Octopus.Client is backwards compatible, so it’s fine to have the versions out of step.

We will be adding some documentation in our GitHub repository about this change very soon, and we’ll also be posting a blog entry in the future.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions,