Nuget feed via network share


I am having an issue when trying to use a nuget feed which is just a mapped network drive. Running the test simply fails to find the packages. I suspect this is not an issue with your code, more to do with what I specify.

I have server A which Octopus Is installed on. Server B contains the Nuget packages.

Server A has a network drive mapped from B l to the drive letter W:

What should I specify as a the feed uri?

Just W?
\machinename\W ?



Hi Lee,

You’ll need to use \machinename

Also, by default the user accounts Octopus Server and the web portal run under won’t have access to the file share, since they run under Local System/Network Service. You will need to create an admin user and give that user permissions to read the share. I’ll try to write up some details on the documentation area soon.

Hope that helps,


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