NuGet.exe : A task was canceled - limited bandwidth to cloud repo

We recently switched from a local instance of octopus server to a cloud instance. We have a powershell script for pushing nuget packages to the server.

Since switching, I have a couple of users that seem to have an outbound bandwidth limitation. Running nuget push…

Nuget.exe push PackageName -Source $octoServer -ApiKey $octoApiKey

…results in:

NuGet.exe : A task was canceled.

It coincides exactly with the default timeout. However, the issue seems to be that the user seems to be limited to 2Mbps upload even though a speed test shows more than 10 times that. Running the same script from other computers finishes fine with no bandwidth limitation.

Anybody have any tips for what to look for?

Hey Brandon,

First of all welcome to the Octopus forums!

Thanks for reaching out and for all of the information.

We actually don’t do any limiting of the uploads to Octopus Cloud.

Can the users that are experiencing this please try using octo to push a package instead of nuget and see if the results are any different? Push - Octopus Deploy

Is there anything on those users’ network that could be limiting the bandwidth? Any network/infrastructure differences you can think of between unaffected users and them?

Please let me know how it goes.


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