Not valid version string due to bad branch name


I am currently using Octopus and I have run it to an error where one of the git branches was created with the name of 170-171 resulting in the error below.

'' is not a valid version string. Parameter name: version

The branch has now been renamed to a valid one, however now when creating a release Octopus won’t show us any of the builds.
If I test the nuget feed from Libaray -> external feeds and I can see the latest correctly named version.

Any Idea’s would be of help


Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out.

  • Can you show us what you see when you try to create a new release?
  • Also please show us what you see when you click on “Find” on the release creation screen.
  • If possible please send us a screenshot of feed test results in Library-> External Feeds
  • Is the package with that invalid version in the feed at all?