Not able to deploy Windows Installer to deployment targets

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Hi there,

In Octopus, I have a project which deploys (copy’s) the Windows Installer (msi,exe) and runs the installer on the target server, this works fine when running incremental versions.

But as soon as I try run a previous version of the installer by uninstalling the software, it does not copy the package (installer) to the server. Please see the below steps I follow.

  1. Deploy installer version 10.3 to the target server, this installs fine as its an incremental deployment.

  2. But for whatever reason when I want to install version 10.2, I go to the server, manually uninstall version 10.3.

  3. In Octopus, I create a new release for version 10.2 and run the deployment but the deploy package step does not copy the installer on the server.

Am I doing something wrong?

Many Thanks!

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In the project settings if you have
package re-deployment = “Skip any package step that is already installed”
And there is another setting I forget where is that basically says “Do not install version lower then what is deployed”
I believe you would see that behavior because octopus things 10.3 is still on the machine. If you delete the release for 10.3 then it would start working.

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