"no enabled deployment target" when the target is configured with "Include only in tenanted deployments"

I have a deployment target configured that is only available for tenanted deployments.

I also have a a project that requires a tenant for all deployments.

Finally I have two deployment steps that should be executed on the target role configured for the deployment target.

However when I try to deploy a release I get the error:

Warning: there are no enabled deployment targets in the roles specified by this step, in this environment.

If I change the configuration of the deployment target to Include in both tenanted and un-tenanted deployments then I no longer get the error (even though it’s a tenanted deployment and nothing has changed with respect to the roles and environments.

I think this is a bug right? At least, it’s not logically consistent…


This certainly sounds like a bug. Unfortunately I was unable to replicate it.

In my attempt, the warning displays while no tenants are selected for the deployment (see first attached image), but disappears when a tenant is selected (see second attached image).

Can I ask which version of Octopus you are running?


Aha - we have version 3.16.3 installed here. So it could be related to issue 3751?

That is my suspicion.

I would certainly recommend upgrading and see if the issue is resolved.

OK - I’ll see if I can get IT to upgrade our version of Octopus… thanks Michael.