No Azure environment could be matched given the name AzureCloud

We recently opgraded to 2018.8.2 and ran into a problem when deploying to Azure

‘No Azure environment could be matched given the name AzureCloud’

I can see a couple of issues on github regarding this, but these should have been fixed right?

Any input on how to solve this issue?


I believe one of the issues has been addressed but there is still one outstanding. We have had a couple of reports and they seem to relate whether there is an external worker in play and which version of the Azure modules are in use.

Are you using an external worker? (if you haven’t explicitly edited anything about workers then you’ll be using the internal one). Are you using the Azure modules Octopus bundles or have you overridden to use the version installed on the server/worker? If so, would you be able to provide which version you are using?


Hi Shannon,

  1. No we do not use external workers
  2. We did use the bundled version with Octopus, however an earlier version of AzureRM was installed also.

To temporarily fix the problem, I’ve now upgraded to lastest AzureRM on the host and overridded it in Octopus. However I would rather use the bundled version in order to avoid maintaining AzureRM manually.

These are the versions currently installed.

Thanks for the update, glad to hear you have a workaround for the moment. Totally understand about not wanting to have to maintaining manually, we do have an open GitHub issue related to this, as we’ve had a couple of reports of issues with 5.7, if you keep an eye on that issue then once it’s release you shouldn’t have to have the override in place.