New Feature: WinRM

It would be really nice if Octopus would support deployment through WinRM, similar to how they support it via SSH on Linux.

The reasons are:

  • No agent would be required
  • Would work better with Azure
  • Would allow deployments using different credentials

Obviously, Calamari would still need to be installed on the remote machine, but you do that already with ssh, so shouldn’t be a big issue.

Hi Erik,

Thank you for the great suggestion. Could I get you to add your votes to this UserVoice?

At this stage we haven’t heard many requests for this, however we will reach out to some more customers to gauge interest and proceed from there.


Tentacles are not a huge problem when you only have a few targets, but when you have hundreds, it’s hard to maintain.

The real win, however, is the ability to deploy multiple applications to a single machine using different credentials without installing multiple tentacles.

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