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I’m moving from an older, Windows-based environment to Linux CI/CD pipeline.

We used to use the Web Deploy based “DEPLOY AN AZURE WEB APP” step to deploy a webjob berfore. We simply specified the Physical Path to app_data/jobs/continuous/ etc, as you’ve documented .

Now that we’re on Linux however, we need to use a different approach. Having read Michaels article (hi Michael! :slight_smile:) , I can see why things need to change but it’s not clear what I need to do here.

I published the webjob to the app_data folder as part of a TeamCity step that uses the Octopus CLI to create the web package. So the resultant nuget package contains the webjob where one would expect, and during the deployment of the App Service step to deploy the web app, the webjob files are where one would expect. All as part of the step that deploys the web app. This is different to what we did before, where we deployed the web app, and then the web job thereafter independently by specifying the Physcal Path.

Unfortunately, the webjob is not being found. It’s not in the webjob list for the web app. I’ve checked via the Kudu tools that everything is where it belongs, at it looks that way.

I’m at a loss here… based on your documentation (linked above) I should be able to do what I’m doing. Obviously the deployed artifacts are different in that they’re not Windows executables being deployed. The web app works fine.

What else can I do? I’m sure I’m missing something basic here… so at the risk of sounding like in idiot I’m posting here as I’m going nuts, and it might help someone else. Do I need to deploy the webjob using the az cli? If so, what does that look like? Becuase all the docs talk to having some script to execute and I’ve not needed to do that before. I’m deploying a .Net Core executable to run continuously as a webjob.


I’ve sorted this out - basically the targeted app service plan is a Windows plan, and our Linux-based pipeline is not going to play nice becuase we can’t run a Linux executable for the webjob in a Windows plan, and webjobs on Linux plans don’t work today anyway. So I will spin up a Windows build Agent and continue to deploy to the Windows plan, using the method above. Pretty sure that will sort me out.

Hey @qerim,

Sorry we have not gotten back to you yet regarding this, just jumping in for Daniel as he is currently off shift as part of our Australian based team.

Its good to hear you have hopefully identified the issue, let us know if switching to a Windows build agent does not fix the issue for you though and we will look to getting some more information from you so we can tackle this together!

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind Regards,

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