Need to switch database authentication method from SQL ID to Windows Authentication

I setup my Octopus server (v. 3.3.27) using an SQL ID to connect up to a remote MSSQL database. Now I need to switch that auth connection to use Windows Authentication. How can I do this? I was thinking via the “OctopusServer.config” file but I’m not sure how to change the connection type here.

Thanks in advance!

Connection String from config file:
Data Source=DBSERVER_NAME,PORT\DBINST;Initial Catalog=DBNAME;Integrated Security=False;User ID=DOMAIN\USER_NAME;Password=SOME_PASSWORD

Hi Rudy,

Thanks for reaching out! Changing that value on the config to Data Source=DBSERVER_NAME,PORT\DBINST;Initial Catalog=DBNAME;Integrated Security=True should be enough. You’ll need to restart you Octopus Server service after the change.

Just to be on the safe side, always make a backup of the full config file, and if the change doesn’t work put the old file back in and restart the service again.



Thank you for your help.

Your recommended change worked only I kept the account information (Windows account to authenticate with) in the connection string as well.

Thanks again!