Need to know about adding the machines

I installed the OctopusDeploy server on my machine. It is installed successfully. then i also installed tentacle on my machine.
Now the problem is i am not getting the options to “add the machines” in the environment that i have created. In “Add Deployment Target” tab, I have given the DNS name of my system (the same system on which the Octopus Deploy Server is installed).

What is the solution?
Please help me through the process of deployment.

Question: can the source and the target machines be same…or do i need to use a virtual machine/another machine for the deployment?

Hi Manasvi,

Thanks for reaching out.

Before we troubleshoot this issue, could you please confirm if when you say “on my machine” you are talking about a Windows Destkop version or a Server? Octopus was developed for and tested on Server versions of the Windows OS and we do not provide support for Octopus running on a Desktop OS.

It is absolutely possible to run the Octopus Server and Tentacle on the same machine. We even recommend it in our docs.