Naked ssh deployments are capped to one machine at a time?

When trying to deploy to a naked ssh host we are seeing that if there is more than one host it can only talk to one host at a time. This seems like a huge limitation!

It is worth noting that we do not have rolling deployments enabled either and it actually shows as being busy when its simply doing a deploy to a machine above. Is this a known limitation or is there something I am missing? This seems like its unusable if thats the case.


Hi Brent,

Naked SSH should work in parallel on different hosts. The locking mechanism is the same as running a normal script: it should only lock while something is in progress on that machine.

I’ve tried and it works as expected for me. I setup a script step to echo “Hello” a thousand times and it runs concurrently on both targets. I get blocked when attempting to run a script on the same box, either by targeting the same machine twice or creating two machines with the same endpoint in Octopus.



Thanks for following up, I actually did find the root cause of this and it was because the server thumbprints were the exact same. Apparently we did something wrong when making our AMI’s (womp womp). Thank you for confirming and sorry for wasting your time.