Multiple Octopus instances using same Masterkey

We have multiple instances of Octopus (one instance on-prem and one instance hosted in Azure) using the same MasterKey (because they were migrated from on-prem).

Is it possible that we can give each instance their own MasterKey?

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Micheál Power

Hi Micheál,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Currently, the only way to change the master key on an instance would be to run the lost-master-key command, however, this is extremely destructive and will wipe any sensitive values that were encrypted by the master key.

Our engineers are currently looking into whether we can add an option to rotate this key in a non-destructive way for cases similar to yours or when people believe that the key may have been compromised.
This is still in the very early stages though, so, if it is possible it may be a while before it is available.


Hi @paul.calvert,
I was thinking it may not be possible but thanks for the feedback.

Kind Regards,
Micheál Power

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