Multiple nodes after upgrade

We have one octopus server (octopus200) and I recently updated octopus deploy from version 3.15.7 to 3.16.2 according to instruction here ( and this resulted in having two nodes with identical names as shown in attached image. This resulted in the developers not being able to do deploys as our license is for one server, error message "“Unfortunately your license limits have been exceeded, and you will no longer be able to create or deploy releases. Your Octopus Deploy license only allows 1 active nodes. You currently have 2 active nodes.” I tried to remove one of the instances as suggested ( but got an error message shown in the image
“‘OCTOPUS200’ is not a valid document Id. It should have the format ‘-’. Example: ‘Projects-101’”.

I tried stopping and restarting the application but it did not help. Anyone with idea on how to resolve this.


Thanks for getting in touch! This problem happens if you have Octopus Server running at the same time as this specific upgrade is happening. We changed the way Octopus Server nodes are recorded in the SQL Database.

You should delete all of the records in the OctopusServerNode table, and Octopus will fix the problem for you itself.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. That solved the problem.