Multiline Text Variables


Yesterday, we upgraded from version 3.13.6 to the latest version of Octopus Deploy. We use multi-line variables extensively. Based on the new UI, we are finding multi-line variables are being accidentally converted to single line by modifying the variable in the inline editor. Previously, the inline editor supported multi-line editing, now it only appears to support single line editing. Also, previously, the new line character was visibly represented in the content of the variable, now there is no longer any representation.

I am wondering if there is a way to disable the inline editor for certain variables to prevent accidentally editing them in the inline editor? If not, is there a way to bring back the functionality of supporting multiline text in the inline editor?


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Hi Mike,

We agree, we can definitely do better here.

We have created an issue to improve this behaviour, which will action ASAP and you can follow.

Thanks for the feedback, it is very welcome.

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