Monitoring UnUsed Octopus Variables


I was curious to know if there is a way to determine if octopus variables are references anywhere within the octopus environment? Not necessarily in our config file transforms, but more so the steps and/or other variables. I’m looking to clean up some of our variables but i’m a little hesitant b/c even though the variable isn’t in our application it might be used else where in the octopus deployment such as steps.

Hi Manny,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately no, there is no way to find out if a variable is used until it is needed for a deployment based on scope etc.

Sorry for the bad news,

Thanks Vanessa,

Is there a way this feature could be added in a future release? Kind of similar to lets say how windows will let you know when things on your desktop haven’t been used for a while but obviously you guys can make it look and work a lot better!

Hi Manny,

This is not on our roadmap, and would be quite difficult as so many variables need to take scoping into account.
However I do suggest that you have a search through our Uservoice site for similar suggestions or add your own.
This will show us the kind of community support around the idea. I do think you will need to be quite specific with your suggestion as there are a few in there around variables.