Modular Project Deployments

I have a somewhat unique scenario.

We have a modular Windows service solution that dynamically loads plugins at runtime (based on a local folder path).

Currently we are deploying all of the plugins with the Windows service using Octopus.

We’d like to deploy subsets of the plugins (which are simply class libraries) to different servers, possibly using deployment steps for each plugin that we could toggle on or off.

If the deploy steps could be generated dynamically, that would be ideal. I suppose that we could deploy all of the files, like we’re doing now, and then have Powershell scripts, and deployment steps, for each plugin to add or remove that plugin.

I’m wondering if you’ve ever run across this type of scenario?

Thanks! Jason

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting in touch. It does seem your scenario is quite unique.
Our only suggestions would be what you have already figured out to either:

  1. Create a whole bunch of steps and skip them or not
  2. Create a PowerShell script step that is smart enough to know which plugin to add or remove

Sorry if I’m just confirming what you already figured out, but no there is no other solution we can think of.