Mixed Environment Configuration

I have an interesting setup for Octopus deploy – I use it to deploy software I’ve developed for 3rd parties, some of them have their own test environments and some of them use a server I have in production that hosts their test environment.

So basically I have on tentacle that may be hosting production for one tenant (myself), but needs to host staging for other tenants.

I need:

Deploy Target 1:
Tenant 1 - Production
Tenant 2 - Staging

Deploy Target 2:
Tenant 2 - Production

Is there any plan to be able to do this with a deployment target at some point?

Hi William,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is a somewhat common scenario. Essentially, you sometimes use a single server for multiple customers/tenants and thus it can be mixed where it’s staging for one customer but prod for another.

First, I’ll point out our Designing a multi-tenant hosting model documentation page. I don’t think it quite suites your scenario but it’s probably a good idea to read what is possible out-of-the-box. https://octopus.com/docs/guides/multi-tenant-deployments/multi-tenant-deployment-guide/designing-a-multi-tenant-hosting-model

That said, you should be able to achieve what your asking by creating multiple Tentacle instances on the same server. Normally, you would have Server 1 and Server 2 each with a single Tentacle server running on them. If you added an additional deployment target and connect it to the same server but as a separate Tentacle instance, then you gain separation but you can customise the new target as needed. i.e. Associate it with the appropriate environments and tenant(s). Each instance runs independently of the other instance and requires a separate port.

The following page has more information on how to manage multiple instances.

Let me know how you go.



Is there any plan on making this configurable from the web UI and not require multiple instances in the future?

Hi William,

Thanks for the reply. We don’t have any plans to do this. If you think this would improve Octopus, I’d recommend adding it as a suggestion to our UserVoice site. I did a quick search and it doesn’t appear that this has been suggested yet. We regularly review the suggestions and action the top ones.