Missing production deployment on overview page

So it looks like something similiar to what I reported here. http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/problems/42076-project-overview-page-inaccurate

Today we had to perform a roll back due to an issue with the latest deployment and to our surprise we ended up rolling back to the incorrect version because the version that was running in production was not being displayed on the overview. After we discovered the issue we used the task page to find the correct version.

Here is a description of the scenario

  1. Deployed 1.5
  2. Looked at the overview page to roll back
  3. Overview page displayed
    1.5 production (bad release)
    1.4 production (bad release)
    1.2 production
    1.1 production

I selected 1.2 to roll back. After the deployment we found that things were not working. Looking at the deployment log it turns out that 1.3 was actually the previous production version but did not show in the overview page. After redeploying to fix the outage it now shows on the overview grid. This seems problematic to me.


Thanks for getting in touch! For the project could you perform the following query and let me know the results:
SELECT * FROM [Deployment] WHERE [ProjectId]='Projects-ID' where Projects-ID is the ID of the project in question. You may need to find that from your database.

Let me know what you find.