Migrator creates thousands of extra files

The Migrator.exe from release 2018.9.11 appears to be creating thousands of files that are not needed by a subsequent import. The impact is that a migration now stretches from a couple of minutes to well over an hour.

Our command line is using the following arguments (not including server instance and password etc):

The result generates a folder \DeploymentRelatedMachines, with thousands of json files that we don’t want to migrate.

I’m guessing that --ignore-deployments should have prevented these files from being generated?

Hi Greg,

Thanks for getting in touch! I just discovered that bug last week and was in the middle of fixing it. https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/5127 If you watch this issue you’ll know exactly when we ship the fix for it.

In the meantime I would really like to understand what you are using the migrator for. I might be able to help you achieve the outcome you want.

Hope that helps!


I can give a few more details of what we are using migrator for.

We have a set of dev/test environments in house which we use day to day. However, for integration testing and actual production we need to deploy to environments that are isolated from our Octopus server. Currently we do that via the Offline filedrop mechanism, but are moving to have a separate Octopus instance. For this we need to migrate our processes etc to the second server, and also have a mechanism to bring changes back from that server if needed (rare, but possible).

We feed Octopus from TFS using TFS’s release definitions. This works nicely as we can point a single release definition at multiple Octopus servers, yet be satisfied that the same packages are on both servers.

In other words, this is pretty much the remote release feature you announced some time ago, but which is not yet available. We can’t wait for that, and so are growing our own solution in the meantime.

Hope that helps,


Hi Greg,

Thanks for keeping in touch! That’s a common scenario for sure, hence why we want to make remote release promotions and friends first class when it reaches the top of our priority list - we definitely want it, more a case of when.

A question: are the new command-line options helping sort out the problem, or since you want the releases you’re still getting thousands of exported files?