Migrating SQL Azure Database with DBUp


We are currently using OD to deploy to our VMs in Azure and for the database migration we deploy a console app NuGet package and run this. We are now looking to migrate our website and DB to Azure Web Apps and SQL Azure. Is there a recommended way to run the DBUp migration console with this type of deployment.

Should we add it as a web job which runs one time or run it when the application starts up although there is the risk of multiple instances so we will have to work this out.

Many thanks for any recommendations.


Thanks for reaching out! I recommend you to use the DBUp console the exact same way you were using it for your local SQL. Just execute the console app from one of your Tentacles during your deployment process.



Hi Dalmiro

Does this mean we will need to keep a virtual machine around in the same region on Azure to handle the DbUp console or am I missing a way to run tentacles on the Web App space?

Many thanks


Hi Richard,

Correct, you are gonna need a Tentacle to execute that step. What you can do, to avoid having a dedicated virtual machine just for the Tentacle, is to make the Octopus server a Tentacle as well, and run the step from it: http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/How+to+run+steps+on+the+Octopus+Server