Migrating Release Notes

We’re in the process of migrating our existing Octopus Deploy instance into a new, more structured environment as a separate instance. The intent is to retire the old server as we’ve changed quite a bit in our build process, etc.

This old instance has many of the same ‘projects’, though the configuration is different (tentacles, step names, etc).

I see you can export/import projects, but it requires the environment/components to match.

Is there any way to attach the release notes from the ‘old’ project to the new?


Thanks for getting in touch! The import/export for projects is really basic ans doesn’t bring across any history (releases, deployments). We do not have anything that would allow you to move the data in that way, especially as they do not match directly. The only way would be to write something to use the API to get the data from the first and move it to the second, but that might be more than you are willing to do at the moment.

Not that it helps you at all, but we are building a data migration tool for 3.0 to allow for situations like this.

Sorry there isn’t better news.