Migrating nuget repository from octopus server to another

We are moving from one Octopus server to another physical machine. The export/import worked flawlessly. However, the nuget repository must be separately managed, which is understandable. Consequently, we still need to move existing nuget packages from the old server to the new server. I really doubt a simple file copy will be sufficient, so have not tried that.

Searched on many terms, but usually hit another issue regarding restoration of nuget packages in the solution, but find nothing on the issue of moving nuget packages.

Hi Larry,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am glad that the import/export worked for you.
My solution to this issue will unfortunately undo all that hard work that you completed.
Would you consider using a backup to move all of your data to the new Octopus Server?
http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Backup+and+restore (See the Restore section).
This will move all of your data, including repository information, then a simple file copy to move the files should be all you need.

Let me know if this suits.

I’m having the same experience as Larry. Unfortunately following the restore procedure and then copying the repository to the new server is not enough to restore the packages. I find myself having to manually re-upload the packages.


You can ‘dump’ the packages from one install to another. To update the indexes to ‘see’ them again - simply restart the Octopus Server service. While we no longer watch the directory, we do reindex it on startup.


Thanks, Vanessa! Restarting the Octopus Server service did the trick. :slight_smile: