Microsoft Synapse Workspace Deployment

Is there a Step Template or other mechanism in Octopus which will do the job of Microsoft’s Synapse workspace deployment extension used by MS Azure DevOps Pipelines?

The above Synapse workspace deployment extension updates an ARM template-parameter file pair when Synapse workspace artifacts are published in Workspace Studio. Using Powershell to deploy the template/parameter file in the usual way results in errors, whereas the same template/parameter file deploys successfully in MS Azure DevOps with the said extension installed.

Any help gratefully received.


Hi Gary,
Welcome and thanks for posting!

I just want to make sure I understand: when you deploy in Octopus using Powershell you are getting errors, but when you deploy using MS Azure DevOps using that extension it works? What errors do you get using Powershell?

I don’t see any step templates built-in or provided via the community specifically for Synapse. I’m not familiar with that extension, but we do have processes to deploy ARM templates (that link is for a Runbook process, but you could do something similar in deployment). Not sure if that helps move you forward?

Please let me know!