Merging environments


We are looking to consolidate two environments into one. The two environments are shown below.

We will add the target servers from ‘QA’ to ‘Development’, tidy-up and assign new roles on ‘Development’; ‘QA’ will then be deleted and ‘Development’ renamed to ‘QA’.

Is there a tool or particular method to fulfil a merge of environments ensuring a project is not left without an environment?

Greetings Gary! I wanted to make sure I had the correct picture of what you’re wanting to accomplish. If I understand you correctly, you wish to move the four machines from the QA environment into the Development environment. Once that is complete, you want to delete the current QA environment, then rename the Development environment to QA, is this correct?



Hi Shawn,

Yes, correct.

For clarity, with regards to the TCY-P003 server; it is the same server in both environments, and I know the TeamCityScratch role is used by many projects.


Hey there Gary, thanks for that information. There aren’t any tools, that would perform this type of operation. Usually, I would recommend using the API to manipulate the machines and environment participation, however, given the few machines you are dealing with, it may be quicker just to use the UI.