Memory leak when executing web app deployments

Looks like running an Azure web app deployment increases memory of the server instance without decreasing it.

Hi Jan,

What version of Octopus are you using ?


Hi Jan,

Can you please send us your deployment process, you can send us the json file that you can download from the process screen, under the “…” menu.

Also, you refer to “Azure web app deployment”, are you referring to the step ? what makes you suspect it is the Web App deployment that is the cause?



It seems like Windows was somehow hogging memory and Octopus taking a little too much (for that machine) caused it to break deployments. A windows restart alleviated the issue.

Azure Web App was a red herring since we had never experienced out of memory breaking deployments, and we were suddenly starting to run Azure Web Apps.

I do notice that after restarting OD it uses less memory than after a deployment (any deployment). Not sure how relevant this is, we’re just talking 150MB which is nothing super relevant.

Sorry for crying wolf here :wink: