Manual Intervention Task Summary Icon

The icon on the ‘Task Summary’ page for a manual intervention step always shows as a green checkmark, which is normally used for completed steps. Internally we have had a number of questions raised about why an approval step was already approved, as a cursory glance at the task summary makes it seem completed. Is this intended? Would it not work better to show an “In progress” or “Paused” icon instead?

Steps to reproduce:
Create a project with a Manual Intervention Step
Start a Deployment
View the Task Summary Page
As soon as the step is reached, it shows the green check next to the step name.

Attached a picture for clarity, showing one approval already assigned, the other un-assigned, both with success icons.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The reason things appear as they currently do is that all the Manual Intervention Step does is create an “Interruption” internally (which is what you see represented in yellow at the top of the screen) once that is done the Step is complete and that’s why you see the green tick.

However I agree that this isn’t very clear and think showing a Paused state is a great idea. I’ve had a look into it and unfortunately changing this in a clean, maintainable way is a bit more involved than I expected. Can I recommend you add a suggestion over at and if it gets a bit of community support we are more likely to prioritize making the change. We’re making a commitment this year to be much more responsive to highly voted Uservoice suggestions.

I hope that helps.