Manual Intervention - Block Deploy Initiator

I’m currently using the Manual Intervention step as an authorisation gate into production. This works great but I’d like to allow peer review rather than having to elevate the authorisation to a completely seperate group of people.

I’d like to be able to have anyone from a group EXCEPT the person that started the deployment authorise. I know I can do that at the moment by simply setting the team but the problem I have is that I need to expressly prevent the person that initiated the deployment from authorising the step so it forces someone else to do so.

Is this possible?

Hi Jay,

Thanks for getting in touch! Currently the ability to selectively exclude users from authorising the Manual Intervention does not exist in Octopus. The closest you would be able to get to this is by creating additional teams which includes everyone BUT the person who performs the deployment.

Unfortunately this is not dynamic and could be fairly tedious to maintain. I believe for this functionality to be considered, the best place to propose it would be our UserVoice suggestions page.

We use UserVoice to gauge community support for new ideas and features. You are able to create suggestions or vote and comment on others.

Let me know if you have any further thoughts or questions here.

Best regards,

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