Manual Intervention After Package Upload

Octopus Version: 2020.4.4

I’m attempting to trigger a wait after the package upload due to the amount of time it takes to a specific server on the other side of the world. I currently have a manual intervention step as step 1 in the deployment process for the project, however this is triggering before the package upload required for a later step.

I’m sure this worked at one point as I’m expecting it to above, was there a change or is it an issue with the version I’m running?



Hi @t.illingworth01,

Thanks for getting in touch!

It is possible that his behaviour has changed. I believe that originally the package acquisition always took place at the start of the deployment, but has since been changed to occur directly before the first Step that uses a package.
You can modify this behaviour by selecting your Manual Intervention step and editing the Package Requirement option.


Thanks for the quick reply Paul, that option doesn’t appear to be available in the version we’re currently running:

I was planning on updating soon anyway so I’ll make use of that configuration when I do.

Thanks for the help


The option should only appear when it is sensible for it to do so, but, it does look like there may be an issue that can prevent this from happening.
Looks to be fixed in 2020.6.0.

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