Looking for a reference document to help with creating pipelines for 365 Dynamics 365

I’m trying to create pipeline for dynamics 365, but there is no step in process editor.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! I see your email thread where my colleague Justin replied with:

Sadly, We don't have any direct support for MS Dynamics 365 in Octopus, and we don't have any plans to add official support at this point in time. Saying this, Octopus Deploy is as its heart, a script-running platform, if you can deploy your solutions to D365 via a script or package, you should be able to use Octopus to do this in an automated fashion.

I’d like to add to what Justin correctly stated here that while we don’t really have any direct experience configuring a pipeline for Dynamics 365 deployments, I found some additional resources that may help you in your planning.

Here’s a guide called Deploy Dynamics CRM Solutions using VSTS and Octopus Deploy:


There’s a Dynamics 365 cookbook, though not written by or officially supported by us (and requires at least a free trial), that you might consider worth looking at?

Sorry I can’t give you the best answer, but I hope this helps in some way!

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