Long Paths in the Deploy Package Step: What's the maximum path length?

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I recently ran into an issue with the Deploy Package Step: Already having quite a long path with the Octopus-Home\Applications[TenantName][EnvironmentName][PackageName][ReleaseName] folder on my tentacle (due to long tenant, environment and package names), the files and folders in my extracted nuget package result in a path that easily exceed 260 characters. The deployment then ends up with an error saying System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path ā€˜[very long path]ā€™
FYI: Iā€™m running a Windows Server 2019 with tentacle version 6.3.305 (Calamari v25.3.3)

I found some issues related to that topic

which look like the problem was solved some time ago.

My question now is: is there a character limit for extracted files from a nuget package or is there a way to enable long file path support?

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Octopus should work fine with long file paths once enabled within the OS.
For Server 2019, you will need to make a group policy change to enable long file path support.

This guide seemed to be fairly detailed on the required steps.


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