Locked out of Cloud Account


We have a cloud Trail ending 27th July, a cloud subscription starting 27th July, but when attempting a deploy, our instance reports the cloud trial ended 16th July and will not let us proceed. (It was working fine on 21st July…)

Urgent assistance needed

(Instance https://nbrly.octopus.com)


Hi @kevinfairs,

Thanks for reaching out, sorry about the issue we caused here.

A new license is being pushed to your instance now, as soon as the task finished (should be 10 minutes or less) you should be unblocked. I’ll keep an eye on the task and let you know when it finishes.


Quick update: the update task failed, we are investigating the cause now.

Hi @kevinfairs,

We have identified a logic bug in our licensing code which is affecting cloud instances. We are implementing a work around to the issue now, we will let you know as soon as we have the fix implemented.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for staying patient with us while we sort this issue out! I’ve rollout a quick patch to sort out the immediate issue and get you unblocked for your deployments, so you aren’t waiting for a more widespread fix. This should be live now, so let me know it you continue to experience issues and I’ll jump on it ASAP.


Hi Andy

Thanks for your help, seems to be working now…