Local Feed with Nested Folders

I’m in the testing stage using Octopus Deploy ( OD ). I’ve setup OD to get the packages from the local drive C:\Packages but this folder has more the 5 nested folders under it. When I create the External Feed I does not read the NuGet packages from the last nested folder which is what I need, since that will be the last release number. If I create only 1 nested folder it works fine. Is this a bug? Is there a solution for this?
The reason for this is:
We have 9 different domains, within each domain with have many web applications, within each application we have DEV, QA, STAGING and PRODUCTION environments, within each environment we have various versions ( releases ) numbers.
I though about creating a different Feed for each application but will be too many Feeds. Any ideas on how to achieve this?
Thank you

Hi Jose,

NuGet feeds generally shouldn’t have nested folders, or if they do they are assumed to just be the package ID. I don’t think they are designed to be recursive.

Rather than publishing to a file system feed, you might be better setting up a dedicated NuGet server, and pushing packages to it. This way you don’t need to give each project separate folders - they can just share the same feed. You can even use the built-in Octopus NuGet repository, and give each project a different API key.

Hope this helps,


Thank you. I will try the built-in Octopus NuGet repository.

Jose Taboada