Linux deployments?

Does your product have a tentacle or agent that works with linux?

How can I do linux deployments, modify unix permissions, etc with octopus?


Hi Gavin,

Currently not. For version 2.0 we plan to support running on Linux under Mono, using shell scripts instead of PowerShell scripts.


So, 2.0 is out now. Do you offer linux support using Mono ? We could help beta test a mono/linux tentacle if needed? We really need this functionality.


Hi Gavin,

Unfortunately Linux support didn’t make the first cut for 2.0, though we plan to address it as soon as possible.

In the short term, would deploying to a single Windows tentacle, then using a Deploy.ps1 script to SFTP then SSH the files to the target Linux machines/run some bash deployment scripts be an option?

Interested to know your thoughts, happy to help get this up and running.



REALLY interested in this feature as we will soon be looking after a reasonably large Red Hat environment.

Is there any way I could be kept up to date with how things are going or if be part of any beta testing.

Thanks in advance



We have been using Octopus for some time with Linux doing something as you describe. We have a single Windows Tentacle that “stages the bits” I then added a powershell step to the process that invokes a remote process to come get the files through a mounted share.

While this does work, it’s less than ideal because the “Environments” we have to setup to manage this is a total hack.
I have 20 different environments, but they are really all the same 1 tentacle.



Found the issue was yet another Octopus server running that had the same information Querying the tentacles every 30 minutes

Stopping the service appears to have fixed the issue.

Wireshark is a timesaver.



Gavin, thanks for the info. I’ve created a GitHub issue that you can subscribe to or comment on if you want to track progress of this:


Is there any progress on this? The UserVoice issue hasn’t been updated since May.


It’s still in development. It is a very large feature. If you check the roadmap it will be part of 3.0


Thanks for the quick reply! Are there any estimates on when 3.0 will be available?


Optimistically 3-4 months for a stable release.
Due to the changes required there will be quite a bit more internal testing than done for previous Octopus features.


Any news on this? Is there a target release date for this feature?

Hi Chris,

As stated in our latest blog post we are hoping for pre-release by late March/ early April. But we make no promises for an exact date.


Our company is waiting for the release of v3 with linux targets to renew our license … any ETA on the release now that the March/April timeframe is past? We are eagerly waiting!

Hi Abram,

Keep your eye on our blog, it will have the latest information about 3.0 including information about a webinar we will be hosting just before the pre-release.