Lifecycles w. Temporary Environments

We have a fairly standard CI -> Staging -> Production deployment pipeline, and would like to use Lifecycles to enforce this.

However, we also regularly create temporary environments for testing our automated environment setup scripts (using AWS CloudFormation + Octopus Deploy) and we cannot seem to put together a Lifecycle that will allow this.

If we set a 3 phase Lifecycle with 1 (Everything), 2 (Staging) and 3 (Production), we can’t deploy to Staging without deploying to everything else.

If we set a 3 phase Lifecycle with 1 (CI), 2 (Staging), 3 (Production) we can’t deploy to our temporary environments at all.

We could automate it such that when a temporary environment is created it will add itself into the first phase of the default Lifecycle, but I was wondering if there was another way to do what we are trying to do?



Hi Todd,

Thanks for reaching out! The recommended approach here is to create a separate channel dedicated to this temporary tests, which uses a different lifecycle (that includes these temp Environments) than your regular releases.

More info about channels: