Lifecycles as they pertain at project level and channel level

Ok so when we set up a new project it seems that even though we set the lifecycle to something else the channel lifecyle is getting the default and thus trumping the project one? Perhaps I missed something on this, but I couldn’t find anything. Doesn’t seem like it is setting “inherit from project”

Hi Corey,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, based on what you’ve described, I too can’t quite tell what could be missing. May I ask for some followup info and clarification to help me fully understand your scenario?

Which Octopus version are you currently running?
Can you attach screenshots of both your [Project Name] > Channels page, and [Project Name] > Process page in your web portal? Any relevant screenshots that would help give an accurate picture of your setup and this behavior as well would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I look forward to hearing back!

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Everything seems ok now. Might have been an old version or just a fluke. Thanks.