Licence is Reaching the limits...but what limit


We are getting warnings when adding projects, machines, users that we are close to hitting the limits on our licence, which is fine. But it doesn’t tell us which limit we are close to hitting.

Is there either a GUI, command line, sql query we can run to return the actual number of each of the elements that forms the licence? That way we can see what we need to do to stay under the limit.

Many Thanks


Thanks for reaching out. Please read this github issue to understand how licensing works since 3.0.24:

You basically have a list of available Items (Paul called them “things” in that github issue). If you bought a license with 60 projects, machines and users, you actually have 180 items that could be used like:

20 users
120 machines
40 projects
Total: 180 items.

We will make this clearer in the docs.


Thanks, different from what we thought we were signing up for but not necessarily in a bad way. It is more flexible.

I’ve managed to get the total numbers of machines, users and projects using the Octoposh Powershell module so we can track when we are approaching the limit.

Glad to hear Octoposh is working for you (I’m the owner of that project).

This other script might be less heavy on the API calls for this task:

We have a backlog task to make this info more obcious on the web UI as well. Its just that we are so busy working on other important features, that the small ones like this one get pushed pretty often.

Hope that helps