Large # Of Variables Makes Variable Editing Difficult (Client Side Performance Issue)

We keep all of our environment specific settings in Octopus variables. We have 6 environments, and may app settings. In the project I am working on right now, we have 159 variables (this one is not the largest).

In Google Chrome v25 and v26 (latest released version) the variables page takes about 13 seconds to finish rendering - after the page begins to display. The browser is essentially frozen until it is rendered. Clicking “Edit” freezes the browser, and takes 15 seconds to change to edit mode (after the 15 seconds the browser becomes responsive). Clicking “add new” takes 2 seconds (it should be instant). The absolute worst performance problems are in edit mode. When you give focus to any of input controls (the variable name text box, the value text box, environment drop down, role drop down, etc) the browser freezes and takes 2-3 seconds to finally focus on the box.

This takes editing the value of a variable from a quick 1 second job, to at least a 60 second job. If you need to modify many variables, not only does this take much longer, but it is a very frustrating experience to need to wait to give input boxes focus.

Thanks Ryan, we’re planning to simplify this screen in the 2.0 release and to use a Silverlight editor for advanced cases. When we do this we’ll test it against much larger numbers of variables like in your scenario to make sure it performs adequately.


That’s great news! I am going to make a post in the ideas section to discuss our Octopus use case. We use variables heavily, and it may help you come up with some cool features to simplify our (and other users!) configuration.

We have the same problem, is there some alternative or workaround in the meantime without us having to write our own wrapper on top of RavenDB?