Kubectl command error after upgrade to 1.28.0


After upgrade kubectl to v1.28.0 on remote worker machine our kubectl script step report a error.

Previous version report something like this:

How we can start using kubectl 1.28.0 version ? Looks like a problem on Octopus side.
Octopus server version - v2023.1 (Build 10235)


We rollback kubectl versions to 1.27.4 and deployments starts processing once again. But still, We cannot modify how it’s work and Octopus add --short argument by design.

Hi Piotr,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’ve tested this on our latest version, and I’m no longer seeing that argument being used.

I can see a few changes made around May/June to remove the --short argument. I would have expected them to be in your current version but it may be that they weren’t backported.

I tested on 2023.3 which we are currently aiming to release for download within the first week or of September.


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