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The knowledge base category contains curated questions and answers to help you get the most out of Octopus Deploy. This category makes heavy use of tags. Here are some quick links to help find the topic you’re looking for:


  • how-to - Guides and walkthroughs on how to configure something in Octopus.
  • getting-started - Tips and tricks to consider when you are getting started using Octopus Deploy.

Octopus Deploy Config and Maintenance

  • octopus-config - Advice on how configuration options to get the most out of Octopus Deploy.
  • octopus-maintenance - Recommendations on keeping your Octopus Deploy server and tentacles healthy and running in tip-top shape.
  • tentacles - In-depth information about how tentacles work.
  • iac - Using Infrastructure as Code with Octopus Deploy.


  • deployment-config - Answers to your “how do I get Octopus to do that” questions.
  • logic-in-deployments - When you need to skip or enable steps based on your business rules.
  • rolling-deployment - Leveraging the rolling-deployments feature in Octopus Deploy in different ways.
  • blue-green - how you can leverage Octopus when deploying using the Blue-Green deployment pattern.
  • multi-tenancy - Leveraging the multi-tenancy feature in Octopus Deploy in unique and interesting ways.
  • variables - Getting the most out of variables in Octopus Deploy.
  • versioning - How to use Octopus Deploy with your versioning rules.


  • security-config - Tips on various security configurations in Octopus Deploy.
  • user-management - How to configure permissions for users to prevent them from accidentally doing something they shouldn’t.
  • external-auth - How external authentication providers (Active Directory, Google Apps, Okta) work with Octopus Deploy.


  • build-servers - Tips on how to leverage build servers with Octopus Deploy