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I’m just beginning to learn Octopus Deploy. I’m currently setting up Jira Integration (connect app and user) in Octopus Deploy. I’m looking to integrate Jira issue tracker and have my new Octopus project releases linked to the Jira issues I’m going to list in Octopus project release notes. I’m currently using the Octopus Deploy API to create the project release and I understand I’m able to add release notes. My question is if its required to create the builder information in order to get the Octopus.Release.WorkItem.

Thanks, I’m looking for an option as I’m using GCP cloud build for my CICD pipeline when creating the Octopus Deploy project releases.

Hi @mario.najar,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Octopus community!

Hope you’re enjoying our product so far, it sounds like you’ve made some great progress but I’d be happy to help get your Jira WorkItems questions!

Originally we bundled ReleaseNotes with a Release but have separated it into it’s own object which is associated with a package. We haven’t removed the legacy method for backwards compatibility and so while it is still possible to bundle ReleaseNotes with a Release we recommend to use the new BuildInformation Step instead.

Our docs go into more detail about exactly how the Jira Issue tracker plugin works and mentions the following implying that it won’t work unless the package contains the commit messages:

To integrate with Jira issues, Octopus needs to understand which issues are associated with a release. Octopus does this by inspecting commit messages associated with any packages contained in the release.

To supply the commit messages:

  1. Install one of our official build server plugins with support for our build information step.
  2. Update your build process to add and configure the Octopus Build Information step.

Hope that helps answer your question but feel free to let me know if I can clarify anything further or help with any issues!

Best Regards,

Hello @finnian.dempsey,

Thanks for the welcome and information. I went through the list of available build server plugins and unfortunately my workplace isn’t using any of the tools with an official plugin so far… We are currently using GitHub for code repository, GCP Cloud Build for CI/CD, and GCP Artifact registry for our package repository.

Would you know if similar could be possible to achieve using the Octopus Deploy API?
In a way that I can use the GitHub commit message in the release notes that will include the values for Jira issue ID, link, and description.

Hi @mario.najar,

Thanks for getting back! I’m very sorry for the delay in responding to your question here. You should be able to use our new Octopus CLI to do this fairly easily. However, I will note that with Octopus being an API first application, there are multiple methods to interact with your server through the API, such as a PowerShell script with Invoke-RestMethod, our SwaggerUI, curl, etc.

The octopus release create option in the new CLI is more than capable of passing through release notes and perhaps the cleanest/easiest method of interacting with Octopus via the API.

Here are a couple of examples that may help:

octopus release create -p MyProject -c Beta -v 1.2.3 --package-version "Some release notes here"
octopus release create -p MyProject -c Beta -v 1.2.3 --release-notes-file "Link to release notes file"

I hope this is helpful! If you’re still stuck, or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll make sure not to leave you hanging so long. Sorry again!

Best regards,

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