JIRA App failing to install on JIRA cloud


I’m trying to install the octopus JIRA app into JIRA cloud. Each time it fails with “Failed to install app plugin.17411588950539124798.atlassian-connect.json”. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Michael,

I’ve just installed the Jira app into my Jira Cloud environment and the Jira app installation works fine at the moment.

Is this the App your trying to install?

I believe there is an app ‘Audit Log’ on the Manage App page in Jira - does this provide any more information?

You may need to reach out to Jira support, as it may be an issue on your instance - so something they will need to look at.



Thanks the audit shows "Failed to install app plugin.17411588950539124798.atlassian-connect.json”. That’s it. Not very helpful.

Hi @michael.ayles,

At this point, you might be best to reach out to Atlassian support for a hand. I will reach out to the Integrations team, but I’m not confident that they will be able to surface anything extra.


Thanks @dane.falvo I’ve reached out to JIRA support for more info.

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I’ve had a response back from JIRA…

I have been investigating this issue by looking at internal logs which correspond with the plugin manager audit log and can see that during the plugin installation the following message is logged:

Error contacting remote application at ‘https://jiraconnectapp.octopus.com/jira/events/installed’ 500:[Internal Server Error]:

There are 11 logs for this message at the following times:


I would suggest contacting the vendor with this information as the endpoint jiraconnectapp.octopus.com/jira/events/installed is managed by them. They will need to look at logs for this endpoint to see why a 500 response is being returned.

Further to this I did try and install the plugin on a test instance without issue. It may be worth trying to install the add-on again to see if the issue persists.

At Atlassian we strive our best to provide support on Atlassian-based product-related issues to our customers, we are sorry that we can’t provide support for third-party plugins.

This is mainly because we do not have enough product knowledge for these plugins as their respective owners develop them and in some cases, data related to plugins is also hosted by these plugin vendors. Having said that, if, during the support process, they need any help from us, we’ll be more than happy to provide support.

You can contact the vendor via the marketplace listings support tab here - Atlassian Marketplace

Hi @michael.ayles,

A colleague of mine has tracked down this Atlassian documentation page discussing exactly your problem and a solution which was looking promising however I’m also going to let our integrations team know about these logs so they can open an investigation.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi @michael.ayles,

One of the engineers has cleared out some data regarding the plugin and your instance from the administrative area in atlassian that we control, so would you please try to install it again?

The engineer has mentioned that something looks a little strange with regards to the details we receive from your Jira instance, compared with the other customers. This may be something that will need to be addressed if the issue continues when you try to reinstall the app.

Please let me know if the next install succeeds or fails and if it fails, I will follow up with the engineer to address this anomaly with either your self or atlassian. If that is required we can make this ticket, private in order to discuss your instance specifically.


I’ve been able to successfully install the app. Thanks for the support.


Great news @michael.ayles,

Thank you for the update.

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