Jenkins Pipeline <-> Octopus Deployment

Hello currently we are creating a Jenkins-Pipeline and used the Octopus-Plugin for our Build-Process. Is there any Integration option? Our is the only possible solution to push/pack packages via the “octo.exe” commands?

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The latest version of the Jenkins plugin is integrated within Jenkins and provides the ability to configure your pipeline without manually writing the octo.exe commands.
The plugin is just a wrapper for octo.exe though.

Is there some additional integration that you require?

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In our “old”-Build Project (“Freestyle project” from Jenkins) we already used the Octopus-Plug in (instead of the octo.exe). It was integrated as additional Buildprcoess / Post-Build-Action…

When creating the Pipleline we faced the issue that these actions are no longer need because the pipeline-script provides the procedure.

So for me the only solution is to add a bat-script in the pipeline which uses octo.exe?

Ah sorry, I missed the ‘Pipeline’ part. The plugin doesn’t currently work with Jenkins Pipeline so yes, the only option would be to use script against octo.exe directly.


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