Issues with bamboo

Can you please explain the bamboo executable with in the command tasks create and release deploy. I want to know what has to be installed inorder to get the executable create and release deploy using octopus in Bamboo plans and what are the arguments that has to be passed. I have attached the screenshot for your reference.

Hi Vijay,

Thanks for reaching out! That’s a great question, and I’ll refer to our comprehensive Bamboo documentation page. That said, it looks like you’re using a 3rd party plugin (which we’re not too familiar with), so it will look a little different, but the information should still be helpful.

In order to package and push your packages, that is generally done using OctoPack and then you can create and deploy your releases using Octo.exe. The difference with your setup compared to the documentation is you’ll need to use both the create release and deploy release arguments in your one step: Octopus - Create a release and Deploy. That documentation page details how to add OctoPack and Octo.exe, and the arguments needed to get them working.

I hope this helps! If not, feel free to expand a bit more on your situation and I’ll look further in to it.

Kind regards,