Issue with Team Permissons with build server admin rights

After a recent Octopus instance upgrade there appears to be an issue with users who were assigned the Build server admin role where they have lost the pushtobuiltin feed permission even though the permission has never been modified.

Hey Aaron,

Thanks for reaching out.

Just to confirm, is this the build server role you’re referring to?

I’m looking on my end in 2021.2.7650 and see that it does still have the built-in feed push permission.

I did look up your cloud instance, and if you give us permission we can log in and take a look. We require explicit permission for privacy and security reasons.

Please let me know.


Yes that is correct. Please let me know who to send the invite to and I will gladly provide you with the access.

Hey Aaron,

I created a support user on your instance and am looking at that user role in both of your spaces and see that it still has the permissions:

Can I ask where you are seeing the error or where you are getting blocked? Which user is experiencing the error?


Hey Jeremy,

octopus deploy users Abraham pasauda and Joseph Litoborski when they have the build admin role both receive the following error when attempting to run a release using the octopus cli
Octopus Deploy Command Line Tool, version 7.4.3264 Detected automation environment: “NoneOrUnknown” Found space: TMP Domestic (Spaces-2) Space name specified, process is now running in the context of space: TMP Domestic Handshaking with Octopus Server: Handshake successful. Octopus version: 2021.2.7650; API version: 3.0.0 Authenticated as: Abram Pousada Pushing package: C:\publishwebsite\… Requesting signature for delta compression from the server for upload of a package with id ‘Westcor.TMP.Admin’ and version ‘’ Calculating delta The delta file (1,313,491 bytes) is 17.25% the size of the original file (7,614,885 bytes), uploading… Something went wrong while performing a delta transfer: You do not have permission to perform this action. Please contact your Octopus administrator. Missing permission: BuiltInFeedPush Falling back to pushing the complete package to the server You do not have permission to perform this action. Please contact your Octopus administrator. Missing permission: BuiltInFeedPush Exit code: -5

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Taking this conversation to DMs for now as there is potentially sensitive data that I need to show screenshots of, but I will update the thread with the resolution for anyone in the future finding the thread.

To circle back to this from our DMs, the team permissions had some scopings on them that were blocking it.

The built-in feed is space-wide and can’t be scoped to anything.

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