Issue uploading NuGet package from a Mac

When I try to use nuget push from a mac I get the error “The uploaded file isn’t a valid NuGet package.”

However using nuget push from windows on the same package works.

What is Octopus looking for to determine if nuget package is valid?

I just wanted the clarify that this issue is for when I try to push a nuget package to the Octopus built in nuget server from a mac.

I don’t have any issues when I do a push to a external nuget server from a mac.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m sorry to hear you are having troubles uploading your NuGet packages, the good news is I can replicate the issue locally, the bad news is that we’re not quite sure why it is going wrong.

The cause of the issue is that there is a control character missing from the resulting file after pushing a NuGet package from a Mac, I have uploaded the same package to the same built-in feed from both a Mac and a Windows machine and the only difference between the resulting files is this control character that is present when pushing from a Windows machine.

I have raised a GH issue for us to investigate this further and you can follow the progress of it here

Thank you and warm regards,